Atheists…. Through the Eyes of a Christian

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Recently I was having a discussion online when someone interjected the following.

Here’s a factual statement…Atheists do not run hospitals, universities, major charities…they haven’t created a Desmond Tutu or a Mother Theresa…they should really get off the bashing Christians and get to work because they have a LOT of catching up to do.

I responded to each part as follows and reproduce it here in the hope it might enlighten an equally confused person.

…atheists do not run hospitals, universities, major charities

What an absurd statement, and if you really believe this, there is a good chance you live in a Christian bubble of isolation; Christian family, Christian friends, Christian school etc. It’s very common because it lowers the level of cognitive dissonance you have to endure every day in order to maintain your fragile beliefs, but it also causes shocking disconnects with reality such as statements like this.

Let me try and enlarge your world a bit .

1. There are many countries around the world who have majority atheist populations such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark , France, The UK and Japan. Are you suggesting they have no hospitals, universities or Major charities?

2. Even in the US with it’s massive Christian majority, most universities are secular. According to which aggregates multiple sources of information, there are over 6,000 secular universities and only about 600 Christian, a ten to one difference, and in the top 60 only 4 are Christian.

3. In the US only about 20% of hospital beds are religiously affiliated

4. As for charity, churches in the US are the biggest beneficiaries of it. They exist on charity, and enjoy it tax free. They take in huge amounts of money, most of which never finds it’s way to needy hands and instead lines the pastors pocket, or is put into additions to church facilities, or into investments in land for which the church pays no property tax, thereby not contributing to the fire and police protection they take advantage of. In return we get a soup kitchen on skid row that serves meals for pennies each, many times in association with sermons, and we say what a wonderful thing that is. It’s really kind of sick.

There are of course Christian charities, but again their agenda is often self serving, contributing to causes such as charter schools, anti gay or anti abortion campaigns, or funding bigoted organizations like the boy scouts, and in the mission statement, especially for children’s charities, many indicate a specific intent to create Christians out of the recipients, because after all why help someone in this life, if they are just going to be burned for eternity in the next?

And again many charities in the US are completely secular. The Red Cross, for instance, is not religiously affiliated in any way, and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is the largest Charitable foundation in the world and of course this was almost entirely funded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, both atheists.

So thanks for your input but next time you claim to be making a “factual” statement you may want to rely on sources other than Aunt Mary.

they haven’t created a Desmond Tutu or a Mother Theresa

Really? Please tell me exactly what good Mother Theresa did in this world. A poor confused person who thought abortion was the biggest threat to world peace, and preached that contraception was evil in some of most over-populated and aides infested regions of the world. How many starving and unwanted children did she help bring into the world, and how many people contracted aides because of her influence? She also had a belief that suffering brought one closer to god, and was not bashful on inflicting those beliefs on her guests, and also on the nuns that worked for her. In the first case denying pain meds to the dying, and in the second, treating nuns, (mostly unwanted children themselves),  like her personal slaves. No one knows where the millions upon millions of dollars she took in went, but it certainly wasn’t in her facilities. Reusing dirty needles, metal railed cots on dirt floors, and not the faintest trace of modern medical technology. But then helping people in this life was not her most pressing goal, and instead collecting souls for Jesus was. Patients would be baptized without permission while unconscious, and every child was indoctrinated as a matter of course.

Now Desmond Tutu is certainly a decent human being, but what is your point? Of course there are good people with or without faith. But you might be surprised to learn that Tutu doesn’t think much of some of the policies of Mother Theresa, as this headline explains; “TUTU CHALLENGES VATICAN ON BIRTH CONTROL, ABORTION“. In this article Tutu explains that he thinks the Vatican policy on birth control and abortion has not been a damaging to third world countries and he supports changing those policies. Now I’m sure he wouldn’t say so directly, but what must this imply about how he feels about Mother Teresa?

In contrast, today more than 93% of top scientists are atheists, and I would argue we owe more to even the most under acheiving scientist for all the things that make life worth living, than we do to the influence of Christianity over the last 1500 years, which has done nothing but try and keep men under its thumb with ignorance, dogma and blind faith.

they should really get off the bashing Christians and get to work because they have a LOT of catching up to do

Christians have been bashing (When not burning) atheists and heretics of all types ever since their religion became the required world view of every Western mind 1700 years ago, so I would agree with you, we do have some catching up to do in that department, and I am trying to do just that. But as for all the advancements in the modern era that make our lives longer and more secure and happier, they are almost exclusively due to anti religious movements like The enlightenment, from which sprang modern science, and as I said before, Christianity has fought changes like this every step of the way.


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