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A Parade of Pure, Willful Ignorance

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There was a debate a couple of days ago between Bill Nye (The Science Guy), and Ken Ham (of Creation Museum infamy) on evolution Vs. creationism. I didn’t bother watching it, since I thought the whole thing was a bad idea, and would only succeed in lending an air of respectability to creationism that it so does not deserve, but the debate is not really what I want to talk about here. Instead there were some signs written up by a bunch of creationists before the debate began, and I just couldn’t resist the urge to comment on them.

But before I begin, I should make it clear that I don’t normally enjoy pointing out the ignorance of other people, but I have had more discussions with creationists than anyone should ever have to endure, and I know by now that these are not honest questions, and these people are not the least bit interested in honest answers. Instead their goal is to sow doubt in other scientifically illiterate minds like their own, which themselves are locked down tight, and even in the face of a mountain of evidence, are impervious to change. As Ken Ham admitted in the debate, when it comes to the word of god, no amount of evidence could ever change his mind. Such people have excluded themselves from rational discussion, and therefore satire is the only option left. So let’s get started…


Well Miss Crazy Eyes, if you think the world is amazing, just try to imagine a perfect, infinite and conscious being existing in a void for all time with absolutely nothing at all to do, and nothing to be conscious of, until creating our tiny little world for his vanity and enjoyment.  Perhaps you should wonder about how such an amazing god could exist in the first place, or would that ruin a perfectly good day dream? And if you really want to be awed by the universe, try viewing it without those god colored glasses on, that makes it all appear to be just one grand magic trick. “Oh, god did that.” “He did that too.”, “And that.” “Yeah, that too.” It’s all so very simple, isn’t it? The universe is much more amazing than you give it credit for, and you are missing the show.


Yes, I’m afraid it is.


Well first of all the big bang isn’t speculated to have come from an “exploding star”, but rather a singularity, which is spectacularly different, but anyway no one knows what the exact nature of that singularity was, or from what kind of pre-existing reality it emerged. But just because we don’t have all the answers does not mean we can just make them up.Ignorance is not an excuse for stupidity.


Well, since the “Big Bang” is just another name for all the physical evidence we have ever observed about the nature of our universe I would say of course.  Can you believe in gravity without faith? It is not faith to believe in things which we can observe or that are supported by evidence, it is simply being reasonable. It takes faith for us to believe things, for which we have no objective reason to believe. God for instance. And in this case it’s not just faith but blind faith, so that we can so easily ignore all the things that might otherwise spoil the fun , such as evolution. If faith is a prison, blind faith is that same prison, at the center of the Earth.


They keep asking, science keeps answering, but they just keep asking anyway. It’s very strange. Oh well here we go again. Sometimes certain types of copy errors can result in gene duplication, some types of genes called Retrotransposons tend to replicate themselves throughout he genome, and finally there are retroviruses which can splice their own DNA right into a host genome. All this new genetic information is then free to undergo mutation. Pretty straightforward really, but when you get all your information from creationist web sites, I can understand missing it.


And the winner of the contest to cram as much wrong information into the least amount of space possible goes to…older woman with the gray sweater

First of all science is not a theory, it’s a method, and both science and scientific theories (contrary to your little sign),  concern themselves ONLY with things that are testable, observable and repeatable, where intelligent design concerns itself with none of those things, which is exactly why it is not taught in school and evolution is. Getting the definitions of things correct is the first step in creating an accurate world view.


I’ll make you a deal. I’ll tell you how a sunset can happen without a god,  if you tell me how disease, deadly viruses,  famine, and natural disasters (just to name a few of the ungodly aspects of the world),  can happen with a perfect, loving god. How about it? And I’m afraid “because Eve spoke to a talking snake”  is not a satisfactory answer. In fact how do you know your god is not an evil god with all that he is complicit in? And perhaps it’s time for pastors to take a moment away from their waste of life, platitudinous sermons and spend some time on the English language, specifically on the differences between the words their, there and they’re. I see this from Christians way too much for it just to be a coincidence.


Have you heard of an oxymoron? If not you’ve captured it perfectly nevertheless.  If there was such a thing as objective meaning everyone would agree about what it was. The obvious reality is that everyone creates their own meaning, which is why meaning is subjective, the opposite of objective. Meaning is what we make it though,  whether it is in helping the human race transcend it’s limitations and progress into the future via new knowledge and science, or numbing ourselves to the reality of the world around us and withdrawing into a comforting haze of myth and superstition. Where do you derive your meaning?


Look at that smile! Almost like he knows the question is ridiculous and has been answered a million times, before, but he’s showing the sign anyway just to muddy the water. Nah, couldn’t be. Anyway, the answer is simple. The common ancestor of chimps and humans, indeed, no longer exists. Both chimps and humans have evolved separately from this common ancestor because of reproductive isolation, where some members of a species get isolated from the rest and so begin diverging from each others. Human ancestors found themselves in a much different environment, (like Savannah instead of jungle) and evolved quite a bit, while chimp ancestors remained in the same environment, and therefore remain physically, very much the same.  But feel free to ask that question again. And again, and again …


No, but I am scared of people who create divine creators, so they can pretend to know things they couldn’t possibly know. Does that count?

Now this particular parade of ignorance comes to an end, but the real life version winds around the corner, out of town, and across the globe.


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Christian Response to Atheist Billboards

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As some of you probably know, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has been putting up billboards in Sacramento recently, in an attempt to let the tiny atheist population know that they are not alone during the holidays, and to perhaps encourage others to make the very difficult decision of coming tri-daleout of the closet to their family and friends, and very likely facing rejection and ridicule as a result. Well this article isn’t about the billboards themselves, although I would like to encourage you to look at them all here,  instead it is about the all too typical reaction they are getting from the Christian community.

These reactions range from the hysterical, to the threatening, to the rather benign with the majority being somewhere around righteously indignant, and I believe we can learn more about why we need less religion in the US from these messages, than we can from the billboards themselves, so here is a representative sample, all taken from this article on what looks to be a popular Christian news site called The Blaze.

Let me get this straight, you atheists don’t want religion forced on you but its ok to ram your godless theology on everyone? Hypocrites? I think so.

Or if we read between the lines, “Why don’t you just continue to keep your mouths shut, so Christianity can continue to dominate your world?” No thanks. out-katie-cookiesAnd who but a Christian would consider a few billboards coercion  even remotely equivalent to teaching Sunday school to innocent children, a tax free church on every corner, thousands of religious radio and television programs, and a lock on elected officials. Hypocrite? Certainly one of us is.

“Vengeance is mine sayeth The Lord.” We will be held accountable for every idle word we speak or post on billboards. May God have mercy on this nation.

Ah the good old dogma that held progress in chains for so long during the middle ages. Say anything at all that opposes Christianity and burn in hell forever, I guess we should just be thankful that they can no longer burn us alive first. Can’t you feel the love?

Why is it these pigs only see it fit to attack Christians and Jesus based religions? They dont have billboards condemning Allah or Budda, their agenda is clear, they must be eliminated.

Of course atheists speak about all religions, but this is the US and Christianity is dominant here. There are also atheists all over the tri-chrisworld fighting for their rights as well, such as these atheists in Bangladesh, facing 14 years in prison for daring to insult Islam. And don’t fool yourself, Christianity would be doing the same if left to it’s own desires. I think these messages make that clear enough.

“Just in the abstract, it kind of bothers me when I see vehement, proselytizing atheists throwing around their devotion to science and reason, then stating with absolute certainty that they know there is no supreme being, when it’s impossible to reach that conclusion based on science or reason.”

And then there are the ones who don’t even understand what atheist means, because they believe lies told to them in church, which is the only place you will ever see this “absolute certainty” definition of atheist. The fact is that there are very few self identified atheists who would claim absolute certainty that god does not exist,  instead most simply claim that the evidence available, does not support the presumption that he does. A huge difference to say the least.

I happen to live in Sacramento……… and I plan on defacing as many of these signs as I happen to come across………….. So, locals be on the lookout for my “art”……..

And if you think this is isolated just search Google for defacing of atheist billboard and just look at the images. It is so common as to be almost guaranteed,  where Christian billboards, for the most part, go unmolested.

Well I guess that’s enough, but you can go and read them yourself at the link above. Everything from the Devil is coming to get us, to the end days must be right out-tiffanyaround the corner. Now imagine how disconnected from reality someone has to be to go this crazy over a few public billboards in a single US city. What they are really saying is how dare anyone have the right to say anything we don’t like, anywhere, anytime no matter how small, and if you do, you must be crushed. This is what religion is all about folks, and you can sugar coat it all you want, but there will always be that bitter core of irrational intolerance, anti-intellectualism,  authoritarianism, and hypocrisy that pretty much defines the US at the moment, and the only way to to get less of that, and more reason and understanding, is to stand up and declare yourself free from such nonsense, and this is really all these billboards are trying to enable people to do.


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Congressman: Global Warming Nothing to Worry About. God Said so.

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In case there is anyone who still thinks blind faith is just an innocuous little foible, here is Rep. John Shimkus, another republican proclaiming that he knows global warming is nothing to worry about because the Bible tells him so, and he is just one of many of our elected officials that believe such things. To  add insult to injury, he is currently seeking to head the house Energy Committee.  It would be funny if it were not so tragic. And don’t miss the line from the Bible: “even though, every inclination of his heart is evil since childhood”, speaking of all of human kind. What must beliefs like this do to a person.

And here’s a member of the  house science committee explaining why evolution, the big bang, and embryology!? are all lies from the pit of hell. Priceless.


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The Regressive Left and Its Twisted Little Love Affair With Islam

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As a self identified liberal myself, it is hard to watch the hypocrisy and delusion of so many on the left when it comes to Islam. They have no problem trashing Christianity for its intolerance, its authoritarianism, the credulity of Its adherents, and  its negative effects on progress and culture, but let someone point out any of these things about Islam, and all of a sudden the name calling comes fast and furious; Racist! Bigot! Islamophobe! It’s really pretty extraordinary to watch, but liberals are not immune to self delusion, even if they don’t celebrate it as virtue as so many on the right seem to do these days.

left and islamSo where does this peculiar delusion come from? Here are three possibilities.

1.  Many on the left, especially in Europe, have been steeped in the blind faith of multiculturalism ever since World War II, and fear being seen as intolerant more than almost anything else.

This doctrine, designed to eliminate the kind of intolerance that led to the holocaust, states that no one has any right to criticize another culture, regardless of how much it conflicts with their own. Done to make sure another Hitler did not rise up, no one seems to have seen the irony, that it was exactly this attitude of appeasement (tolerance), that was applied to Hitler’s Germany, that allowed it to grow as dangerous as it did. The real lesson of Nazi Germany should have been that applying a live and let live philosophy to any power that despises, and would like to destroy such philosophies, is the surest way to make sure they get their way. Islam is one such entity, and Europe is currently beginning to understand this sad fact. Islam cares nothing for multiculturalism, or western values, and instead demands that the infidels bend to its superior moral authority, and sadly Europe doesn’t even blink, and seems all too happy to comply, terrified more of being called an intolerant bigot, than of losing all the hard won intellectual progress of western civilization.  Amazing.

2. Another reason far left liberals tend to support Islam is that so many have a deep anger and shame of western imperialism, and they see it still at work in the middle east today, (especially in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict), and it is deeply satisfying in such minds, to blame all of the problems in the Muslim world on the west, and not dilute such pure, righteous rage, by admitting that Islam might have at least something to do with its own failures.  The fact that Christianity has held back the west, especially before the enlightenment — which is where Islam is now — does not seem to be a hard concept for them, but to think that this might be the case for Islam as well, doesn’t seem to ignite even a single neuron.

3. And finally, the Christian right trashes Islam every day, and the far left simply can’t bring itself to agree with them on anything, even when they happen to be right for a change (albeit for all the wrong reasons). Christians simply see Islam as a competing religion, and don’t comprehend that Christianity is much the same at it’s core, and there is no doubt that some of their criticism therefore might fall under the “bigot” label, and if the left constrained such accusations only for these instances, it would be one thing, but they have conflated all criticism of Islam under the same banner, and in doing so have turned their backs on free speech, and liberalism itself.

So let’s get this straight. Islam is not a race, it is an ideology, and in fact it’s an ideology that wears it’s intentions right in it’s name. Islam =  submission, and this is what it demands from the minds of it’s adherents. This should be enough for any self respecting liberal to denounce it at every opportunity, but it doesn’t stop there. It is probably the most authoritarian, homophobic, misogynistic, utterly dogmatic, anti-intellectual and illiberal institution left on the planet, and the fact that some liberals will none the less defend it so vigorously, is a testament to just how out of touch it is possible to be. (Short of believing 72 virgins await you in heaven, that is)


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Reasonable People are Least Trusted Minority Group in America.

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What does it mean to reason, and what does it mean to be a reasonable person?  These are questions now left to the fringe of American society. A society that has moved on from such quaint notions, into a space where anything is reasonable if you say it loud enough and long enough, and reason is nothing more than an annoying noise some people make in an attempt to spoil the party.

American politics is the most obvious  example of this, but the disease is much more widespread, and really goes to the heart of the American psyche itself. A recent study from the University of Minnesota might just hold the key to why this is the case.

In this study, respondents were asked to rate each minority group in a list which included homosexuals, Hispanics, conservative Christians, Muslims, atheists, recent immigrants, and Jews, on how much each group agreed with their own “vision of American society” (Almost completely, mostly, somewhat or not at all), and how they would feel if their child married a member of each group. (Approve, disapprove, or makes no difference).

The results were interesting to say the least. In the first question, a majority 39% of people,  said atheists did “not at all” agree with their vision of America, beating Muslims and homosexuals by 13 and 16 points respectively. But  the second question was even more striking, with a majority 47% of people, saying they would disapprove of their child marrying an atheist, much more than Muslims  with 33%, and African Americans, with 27%. And this poll was done after 911.

So why all the hate for atheists? Well of course most of it is due to the calculated doctrine of the Christian Church that says belief in Jesus is the most important aspect of  being a Christian, and that anything that might take you away from such a divine virtue must be evil, and must be avoided at all cost.  Atheists are often portrayed in the same breath as  the snake in genesis, or even Satan himself, trying to tempt unsuspecting sheep from the righteous path that leads to everlasting salvation. Just one of many doctrines in the church, designed to capture a mind and never let it go. “Don’t associate with those who don’t believe as you do”, is a very effective prescription to isolate people from any ideas that might cause them to question their beliefs.

Ok, so atheists are portrayed by the church as a threat to Christian belief, and of course we are, but what is it about atheists specifically that makes us even more dangerous than say, Muslims? After all Muslims could be said to be a threat to the Christian paradise just as atheists are. And here is where it gets interesting. Even Christianity recognizes Islam for what it is, which is nothing but another dogma, another faith, another holy book. Sure they are antagonistic, but when it comes right down to it, neither is much of a threat to the other. People who will believe one dogma, are as likely to believe another, and conversion between the two is likely to be a wash.

Atheists however, are a different breed entirely. Unlike Christians and Muslims we don’t have a holy book or any dogma  to sell. We don’t become atheists because it is the path of least resistance or to fit in socially. We don’t become atheists because we were promised an afterlife of candy canes and ice cream if we submit, or because we were threatened with fiery torture if we don’t. And we certainly don’t become atheists because life becomes too much to bear, and so we “let Jesus take the wheel”, and relieve ourselves of the onerous burden of taking personal responsibility for our actions, or thinking for ourselves.

No, a typical atheist usually has only one reason for becoming an atheist and it is a reason that may surprise you. That reason is love. A love of  humanity; a love of truth;  and above all, a love of reason, for reason has proven itself as the best way of finding truth and solving problems, and therefore the best way to ensure a better future for ourselves and our planet. In short atheists dismiss religion for exactly the same reason, anyone who could be called reasonable, would dismiss any  extraordinary claim presented to them without evidence.

Yet who do we elect to public office, and who do we despise with irrational vigor? How can we wonder why we have no leaders who care about truth and honesty, when these values are so clearly on the bottom of our own list of virtues? Reason is the only thing that has ever shown itself capable of improving the human condition, and as long as we continue to reject it in favor of myth and superstition, and those who will tell us anything we want to hear, we have no right to expect a better future. Wake up or continue the slide into the muddy pool of confusion and contradiction that is blind faith. There are only two options.


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Pro Life Perplexity

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The hypocrisy of the “Pro Life” movement starts in the name, and doesn’t stop until it is dancing naked and playing  Jingle Bells on an air horn at the mall. In other words…. it becomes very hard to ignore.

So let’s begin with the name.

Pro Life? Does this mean everyone else is anti-life, pro death or simply ambivalent? The self righteous and disingenuous nature of the name, gives us an immediate sense that we might not be dealing with reasonable, rational people. No one is anti life simply because they are capable of making a distinction between a completely insensate group of cells, and a fully conscious and self aware woman with a lifetime of experiences. But on the contrary, to not be able to see this difference, is a failure of compassion on a scale that is difficult to comprehend. How can we understand this failure?

Only the idea of magical thinking can bridge this gap. It’s not so much that they believe the embryo is physically equivalent to a person, only metaphysically. They believe something magical, invisible and completely undetectable happens at the moment a sperm enters an egg. they will tell you an immortal  soul is created and even though they will not be able to explain to you why they believe this,  They will nonetheless be anxious to force you to believe it too, or at least submit to their authority on the issue. Such is faith, blind as ever.

Now, normally we could link this kind of stridency with something in the Bible, but not here. Even their own holy book leaves them hanging on this one.  No where in the Bible does it say, or even imply, that life begins at conception, and rather says that it begins at first breath, which is in fact what most Jew believe. Gen 2:7 “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

Nor does the Bible condemn abortion. In Exodus 21:22-25 it says the penalty for injury to a woman that causes her to miscarriage shall incur nothing more than a fine, but if the woman herself is seriously injured or dies,  then the punishment should be “life for life”. It seems God himself was not too concerned about unborn children.

So where does their stridency come from? Well I would argue it is a simply the age old desire of the church for raw material. Just look at the Catholic Church, even to this day and even in the face of AIDS, overpopulation and famine, it still has the temerity to condemn contraception? Couldn’t we hold off on making sure every possible new child was conceived, to save millions of already existing lives? Well we certainly could, if life was indeed  the goal, but it’s not, it’s simply to make sure the church has fresh new soldiers for God, and all the better if they can pretend that its in the name of compassion.

It’s not even that this is a conscious deception of the church,  but more simply a beneficial  meme, that could not help but be successful. in fact it’s hard to imagine a more beneficial  meme for a religion, than one which forces members to have as many children as possible, almost as good as the biological genes, which make procreation such a sought after past time.

But there is even more evidence that life is not their ultimate agenda, and it is easy to reveal. Just ask a fervent pro lifer what they think the punishment should be for a woman who has an abortion, and the doctor who performs it. In fact this is the critical element of the issue, and it just happens to be the source of the greatest amount of disagreement in the movement. This shouldn’t be a surprise,  considering they have no good answer to chose from that will not clearly expose the hypocrisy at the heart of their position.

They can either say that it should be considered a lesser crime than premeditated murder, in which case they are admitting that a a fetus is not equivalent to a child, and their hypocrisy is revealed,  or they can say that the punishment should equal that for premeditated murder, even if that punishment might be execution,  in which case it is not their hypocrisy that is revealed, but their insanity, and unfortunately for them, this is the only position that is logically consistent with their other claims, and if pushed to the wall, many will admit it as their own.

Now just ponder for a moment the full implications of  a person who could end the lives of  a woman and her doctor and ruin the lives of both of their families, all over a few cells no bigger than the head of a pin, and all in the name of being “Pro Life”. Not too surprising I guess considering these kind of  failures of compassion, and disconnects from reality are the hallmarks of blind faith, and have been for centuries.

I say it’s time to stop taking the opinions of such people seriously.


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Well you can’t prove god doesn’t exist.

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When the religious are challenged to provide any objective evidence at all for their belief in god, it always ends the same way. After a few feeble tries, comes the final angry retort of, “Well, you can’t prove he doesn’t exist”. As if believing something on no evidence suddenly becomes a valid concept as long as no one can PROVE that it’s NOT true. Well nice try, but of course this is nonsense on it’s face. The fact that no one could disprove my claim that giant, undetectable green beetles are orbiting the Earth at this moment, and plan to attack at noon, pacific time, does not make the claim any more plausible.

Nothing in this life can be proven in absolute terms. No one goes around putting things into either a “proven” or an “unproven” box, because in fact, the proven box would remain perpetually empty. Even the best scientific theories, regardless of how completely and accurately they represent reality now, could be shown to be inaccurate somewhere down the road. The odds might be extraordinarily thin, but they are there none the less. This humility is at the heart of the scientific world view, as opposed to the arrogant certitude of the religious, who claim absolute knowledge of the answers to all of life’s most interesting questions.

Rather than proven or unproven, what we should be concerned with is what is reasonable or unreasonable, the same standards we use to imprison, and even execute, people for their crimes. It’s a simple concept. Reasonable things simply have on balance, more reasons to think they are true, than reasons to think they are false. Similarly, we call someone reasonable when they are willing and able to change their minds in the face of a severe imbalance of evidence, or unreasonable if they hold tight to a position even when faced with a mountain of evidence that they are wrong. Let’s see which of these is the religious position.

When religious people actually do respond to the question of what objective evidence they use to believe what they do, we usually get something like the following:

1. Well, the bible says it’s true
2. Well, it makes me feel better, so it must be true
3. My prayer was answered, when my dog got better. Yes I did take him to the vet, but nonetheless, I know it was the prayer that worked.
4. I can’t imagine how the universe was created, therefore it must have been poofed here by a super powerful magic man.

Now that might have sounded a bit harsh, but I really didn’t mean it that way. It’s simply an attempt at describing these answers in plain language, minus the fluff, the only purpose of which is to mask their inherent intellectual bankruptcy.

On the other hand, what objective reasons are there to think that god probably doesn’t exist? Well here are 20 items from a list that contained many more items, that I created some time ago.

1. The world is consistent with how it would be without a god, but requires countless machinations to explain why it would be the way it is with a perfect loving god
2. The postulation of god doesn’t help, because you then need to explain how god came to exist.
3. People are mostly born into their religion, which indicates they would have believed anything they were told as children.
4. God wants to communicate with us yet he just can’t seem to get the job done right, no matter how many times he tries.
5. The Bible itself is inconsistent with a perfect loving god, and contradicts itself frequently, and gives no information that was not known already when it was written
6. The overwhelming evidence for evolution, such as he fossil record, contradicts biblical creation.
7. The ultimate Carrot and stick of Heaven and Hell are about as obvious a gimmick of coercion as there could be, without actually telling people they are being conned. Believe me and live forever, or don’t and get eternal torture. Really? Not buying it?
8. Organic Chemicals are created continuously in nebulae light years from earth, and are easily created in the lab from elemental constituents and energy. (Building blocks of life are abundant, and easily created )
9. The postulation of supernatural explanations makes sense from a psychological perspective, in the vacuum of any real knowledge,which most of humanity has had to live until science. People want answers, and what answer is more obvious than a super powerful invisible sky daddy.
10. No amputee has ever regrown a limb through prayer, yet god supposedly intercedes in all manner of less and more severe circumstances. Prayer has been shown to be completely ineffective in scientific studies
11. Many mammals are capable of altruistic behavior and can show a form of compassion, and it is becoming clear that our “moral” behavior is evolutionary in nature. No god needed.
12. There have been millions of individual religions, with vastly different beliefs (Heavens Gate is just one interesting example…. Proof people can believe totally in any sort of nonsense)
13. With the decrease in belief and with the rise of science humans have progressed as never before. Either god does not exist, or he wants us to prosper the more that we deny his existence and use our own reason.
14. If success is due to a particular god how do we explain the success of nations that do not believe in that god, or no god at all. Countries like Japan and China. Or what of Europe’s many atheist nations such as Denmark and Sweden. They lead the world in the human development index AND in their number of atheists. Coincidence, or Is god rewarding them for not believing?
15. The idea of hell, To torture a person, in the worst way imaginable for all eternity is not consistent with a perfect loving god. It’s not even consistent with the most depraved human being imaginable.
16, The existence of evil and misery and viruses that can make babies bleed to death from every pore in their bodies. And I’m sorry but because a snake made eve eat an apple is not a sufficient reason.
17. Our Earth is but a tiny speck of dust in an immense universe. Why did god bother making all that other stuff. If we are so special, why such a tiny planet?
18. The simple silliness of it all. Jesus was sent by god to die for our sins, but Jesus is really god so he couldn’t die anyway, and the bread is the body of Christ and all animals in the world were on the ark and on and on and on. Not to mention the 72 virgins of Islam.
19. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters that have killed millions of completely innocent men women and children. Not to mention asteroids that have killed entire species, and could do the same to us. What kind of perfect creation is this?
20. If Earth is a special creation just for us, why is most of it totally uninhabitable. 3/4 ocean, much of it desert, the equator hot and humid and insect infested year round, the poles freezing most of the year. It has always been a case of struggling just to survive.

Now notice these are all objective observations that indicate god probably doesn’t exist. I just ask for a few of the same from the religious. If they can’t provide them, then they must admit that they are using blind faith for their beliefs, and that just perhaps, the word unreasonable might best describe the basis of their entire world view. And how can that possibly be a good thing for the rest of us?


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Atheists…. Through the Eyes of a Christian

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Recently I was having a discussion online when someone interjected the following.

Here’s a factual statement…Atheists do not run hospitals, universities, major charities…they haven’t created a Desmond Tutu or a Mother Theresa…they should really get off the bashing Christians and get to work because they have a LOT of catching up to do.

I responded to each part as follows and reproduce it here in the hope it might enlighten an equally confused person.

…atheists do not run hospitals, universities, major charities

What an absurd statement, and if you really believe this, there is a good chance you live in a Christian bubble of isolation; Christian family, Christian friends, Christian school etc. It’s very common because it lowers the level of cognitive dissonance you have to endure every day in order to maintain your fragile beliefs, but it also causes shocking disconnects with reality such as statements like this.

Let me try and enlarge your world a bit .

1. There are many countries around the world who have majority atheist populations such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark , France, The UK and Japan. Are you suggesting they have no hospitals, universities or Major charities?

2. Even in the US with it’s massive Christian majority, most universities are secular. According to which aggregates multiple sources of information, there are over 6,000 secular universities and only about 600 Christian, a ten to one difference, and in the top 60 only 4 are Christian.

3. In the US only about 20% of hospital beds are religiously affiliated

4. As for charity, churches in the US are the biggest beneficiaries of it. They exist on charity, and enjoy it tax free. They take in huge amounts of money, most of which never finds it’s way to needy hands and instead lines the pastors pocket, or is put into additions to church facilities, or into investments in land for which the church pays no property tax, thereby not contributing to the fire and police protection they take advantage of. In return we get a soup kitchen on skid row that serves meals for pennies each, many times in association with sermons, and we say what a wonderful thing that is. It’s really kind of sick.

There are of course Christian charities, but again their agenda is often self serving, contributing to causes such as charter schools, anti gay or anti abortion campaigns, or funding bigoted organizations like the boy scouts, and in the mission statement, especially for children’s charities, many indicate a specific intent to create Christians out of the recipients, because after all why help someone in this life, if they are just going to be burned for eternity in the next?

And again many charities in the US are completely secular. The Red Cross, for instance, is not religiously affiliated in any way, and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is the largest Charitable foundation in the world and of course this was almost entirely funded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, both atheists.

So thanks for your input but next time you claim to be making a “factual” statement you may want to rely on sources other than Aunt Mary.

they haven’t created a Desmond Tutu or a Mother Theresa

Really? Please tell me exactly what good Mother Theresa did in this world. A poor confused person who thought abortion was the biggest threat to world peace, and preached that contraception was evil in some of most over-populated and aides infested regions of the world. How many starving and unwanted children did she help bring into the world, and how many people contracted aides because of her influence? She also had a belief that suffering brought one closer to god, and was not bashful on inflicting those beliefs on her guests, and also on the nuns that worked for her. In the first case denying pain meds to the dying, and in the second, treating nuns, (mostly unwanted children themselves),  like her personal slaves. No one knows where the millions upon millions of dollars she took in went, but it certainly wasn’t in her facilities. Reusing dirty needles, metal railed cots on dirt floors, and not the faintest trace of modern medical technology. But then helping people in this life was not her most pressing goal, and instead collecting souls for Jesus was. Patients would be baptized without permission while unconscious, and every child was indoctrinated as a matter of course.

Now Desmond Tutu is certainly a decent human being, but what is your point? Of course there are good people with or without faith. But you might be surprised to learn that Tutu doesn’t think much of some of the policies of Mother Theresa, as this headline explains; “TUTU CHALLENGES VATICAN ON BIRTH CONTROL, ABORTION“. In this article Tutu explains that he thinks the Vatican policy on birth control and abortion has not been a damaging to third world countries and he supports changing those policies. Now I’m sure he wouldn’t say so directly, but what must this imply about how he feels about Mother Teresa?

In contrast, today more than 93% of top scientists are atheists, and I would argue we owe more to even the most under acheiving scientist for all the things that make life worth living, than we do to the influence of Christianity over the last 1500 years, which has done nothing but try and keep men under its thumb with ignorance, dogma and blind faith.

they should really get off the bashing Christians and get to work because they have a LOT of catching up to do

Christians have been bashing (When not burning) atheists and heretics of all types ever since their religion became the required world view of every Western mind 1700 years ago, so I would agree with you, we do have some catching up to do in that department, and I am trying to do just that. But as for all the advancements in the modern era that make our lives longer and more secure and happier, they are almost exclusively due to anti religious movements like The enlightenment, from which sprang modern science, and as I said before, Christianity has fought changes like this every step of the way.


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