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A Parade of Pure, Willful Ignorance

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There was a debate a couple of days ago between Bill Nye (The Science Guy), and Ken Ham (of Creation Museum infamy) on evolution Vs. creationism. I didn’t bother watching it, since I thought the whole thing was a bad idea, and would only succeed in lending an air of respectability to creationism that it so does not deserve, but the debate is not really what I want to talk about here. Instead there were some signs written up by a bunch of creationists before the debate began, and I just couldn’t resist the urge to comment on them.

But before I begin, I should make it clear that I don’t normally enjoy pointing out the ignorance of other people, but I have had more discussions with creationists than anyone should ever have to endure, and I know by now that these are not honest questions, and these people are not the least bit interested in honest answers. Instead their goal is to sow doubt in other scientifically illiterate minds like their own, which themselves are locked down tight, and even in the face of a mountain of evidence, are impervious to change. As Ken Ham admitted in the debate, when it comes to the word of god, no amount of evidence could ever change his mind. Such people have excluded themselves from rational discussion, and therefore satire is the only option left. So let’s get started…


Well Miss Crazy Eyes, if you think the world is amazing, just try to imagine a perfect, infinite and conscious being existing in a void for all time with absolutely nothing at all to do, and nothing to be conscious of, until creating our tiny little world for his vanity and enjoyment.  Perhaps you should wonder about how such an amazing god could exist in the first place, or would that ruin a perfectly good day dream? And if you really want to be awed by the universe, try viewing it without those god colored glasses on, that makes it all appear to be just one grand magic trick. “Oh, god did that.” “He did that too.”, “And that.” “Yeah, that too.” It’s all so very simple, isn’t it? The universe is much more amazing than you give it credit for, and you are missing the show.


Yes, I’m afraid it is.


Well first of all the big bang isn’t speculated to have come from an “exploding star”, but rather a singularity, which is spectacularly different, but anyway no one knows what the exact nature of that singularity was, or from what kind of pre-existing reality it emerged. But just because we don’t have all the answers does not mean we can just make them up.Ignorance is not an excuse for stupidity.


Well, since the “Big Bang” is just another name for all the physical evidence we have ever observed about the nature of our universe I would say of course.  Can you believe in gravity without faith? It is not faith to believe in things which we can observe or that are supported by evidence, it is simply being reasonable. It takes faith for us to believe things, for which we have no objective reason to believe. God for instance. And in this case it’s not just faith but blind faith, so that we can so easily ignore all the things that might otherwise spoil the fun , such as evolution. If faith is a prison, blind faith is that same prison, at the center of the Earth.


They keep asking, science keeps answering, but they just keep asking anyway. It’s very strange. Oh well here we go again. Sometimes certain types of copy errors can result in gene duplication, some types of genes called Retrotransposons tend to replicate themselves throughout he genome, and finally there are retroviruses which can splice their own DNA right into a host genome. All this new genetic information is then free to undergo mutation. Pretty straightforward really, but when you get all your information from creationist web sites, I can understand missing it.


And the winner of the contest to cram as much wrong information into the least amount of space possible goes to…older woman with the gray sweater

First of all science is not a theory, it’s a method, and both science and scientific theories (contrary to your little sign),  concern themselves ONLY with things that are testable, observable and repeatable, where intelligent design concerns itself with none of those things, which is exactly why it is not taught in school and evolution is. Getting the definitions of things correct is the first step in creating an accurate world view.


I’ll make you a deal. I’ll tell you how a sunset can happen without a god,  if you tell me how disease, deadly viruses,  famine, and natural disasters (just to name a few of the ungodly aspects of the world),  can happen with a perfect, loving god. How about it? And I’m afraid “because Eve spoke to a talking snake”  is not a satisfactory answer. In fact how do you know your god is not an evil god with all that he is complicit in? And perhaps it’s time for pastors to take a moment away from their waste of life, platitudinous sermons and spend some time on the English language, specifically on the differences between the words their, there and they’re. I see this from Christians way too much for it just to be a coincidence.


Have you heard of an oxymoron? If not you’ve captured it perfectly nevertheless.  If there was such a thing as objective meaning everyone would agree about what it was. The obvious reality is that everyone creates their own meaning, which is why meaning is subjective, the opposite of objective. Meaning is what we make it though,  whether it is in helping the human race transcend it’s limitations and progress into the future via new knowledge and science, or numbing ourselves to the reality of the world around us and withdrawing into a comforting haze of myth and superstition. Where do you derive your meaning?


Look at that smile! Almost like he knows the question is ridiculous and has been answered a million times, before, but he’s showing the sign anyway just to muddy the water. Nah, couldn’t be. Anyway, the answer is simple. The common ancestor of chimps and humans, indeed, no longer exists. Both chimps and humans have evolved separately from this common ancestor because of reproductive isolation, where some members of a species get isolated from the rest and so begin diverging from each others. Human ancestors found themselves in a much different environment, (like Savannah instead of jungle) and evolved quite a bit, while chimp ancestors remained in the same environment, and therefore remain physically, very much the same.  But feel free to ask that question again. And again, and again …


No, but I am scared of people who create divine creators, so they can pretend to know things they couldn’t possibly know. Does that count?

Now this particular parade of ignorance comes to an end, but the real life version winds around the corner, out of town, and across the globe.


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Pro Life Perplexity

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The hypocrisy of the “Pro Life” movement starts in the name, and doesn’t stop until it is dancing naked and playing  Jingle Bells on an air horn at the mall. In other words…. it becomes very hard to ignore.

So let’s begin with the name.

Pro Life? Does this mean everyone else is anti-life, pro death or simply ambivalent? The self righteous and disingenuous nature of the name, gives us an immediate sense that we might not be dealing with reasonable, rational people. No one is anti life simply because they are capable of making a distinction between a completely insensate group of cells, and a fully conscious and self aware woman with a lifetime of experiences. But on the contrary, to not be able to see this difference, is a failure of compassion on a scale that is difficult to comprehend. How can we understand this failure?

Only the idea of magical thinking can bridge this gap. It’s not so much that they believe the embryo is physically equivalent to a person, only metaphysically. They believe something magical, invisible and completely undetectable happens at the moment a sperm enters an egg. they will tell you an immortal  soul is created and even though they will not be able to explain to you why they believe this,  They will nonetheless be anxious to force you to believe it too, or at least submit to their authority on the issue. Such is faith, blind as ever.

Now, normally we could link this kind of stridency with something in the Bible, but not here. Even their own holy book leaves them hanging on this one.  No where in the Bible does it say, or even imply, that life begins at conception, and rather says that it begins at first breath, which is in fact what most Jew believe. Gen 2:7 “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

Nor does the Bible condemn abortion. In Exodus 21:22-25 it says the penalty for injury to a woman that causes her to miscarriage shall incur nothing more than a fine, but if the woman herself is seriously injured or dies,  then the punishment should be “life for life”. It seems God himself was not too concerned about unborn children.

So where does their stridency come from? Well I would argue it is a simply the age old desire of the church for raw material. Just look at the Catholic Church, even to this day and even in the face of AIDS, overpopulation and famine, it still has the temerity to condemn contraception? Couldn’t we hold off on making sure every possible new child was conceived, to save millions of already existing lives? Well we certainly could, if life was indeed  the goal, but it’s not, it’s simply to make sure the church has fresh new soldiers for God, and all the better if they can pretend that its in the name of compassion.

It’s not even that this is a conscious deception of the church,  but more simply a beneficial  meme, that could not help but be successful. in fact it’s hard to imagine a more beneficial  meme for a religion, than one which forces members to have as many children as possible, almost as good as the biological genes, which make procreation such a sought after past time.

But there is even more evidence that life is not their ultimate agenda, and it is easy to reveal. Just ask a fervent pro lifer what they think the punishment should be for a woman who has an abortion, and the doctor who performs it. In fact this is the critical element of the issue, and it just happens to be the source of the greatest amount of disagreement in the movement. This shouldn’t be a surprise,  considering they have no good answer to chose from that will not clearly expose the hypocrisy at the heart of their position.

They can either say that it should be considered a lesser crime than premeditated murder, in which case they are admitting that a a fetus is not equivalent to a child, and their hypocrisy is revealed,  or they can say that the punishment should equal that for premeditated murder, even if that punishment might be execution,  in which case it is not their hypocrisy that is revealed, but their insanity, and unfortunately for them, this is the only position that is logically consistent with their other claims, and if pushed to the wall, many will admit it as their own.

Now just ponder for a moment the full implications of  a person who could end the lives of  a woman and her doctor and ruin the lives of both of their families, all over a few cells no bigger than the head of a pin, and all in the name of being “Pro Life”. Not too surprising I guess considering these kind of  failures of compassion, and disconnects from reality are the hallmarks of blind faith, and have been for centuries.

I say it’s time to stop taking the opinions of such people seriously.


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