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Christian Response to Atheist Billboards

Posted on 11. Dec, 2013 by .


As some of you probably know, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has been putting up billboards in Sacramento recently, in an attempt to let the tiny atheist population know that they are not alone during the holidays, and to perhaps encourage others to make the very difficult decision of coming tri-daleout of the closet to their family and friends, and very likely facing rejection and ridicule as a result. Well this article isn’t about the billboards themselves, although I would like to encourage you to look at them all here,  instead it is about the all too typical reaction they are getting from the Christian community.

These reactions range from the hysterical, to the threatening, to the rather benign with the majority being somewhere around righteously indignant, and I believe we can learn more about why we need less religion in the US from these messages, than we can from the billboards themselves, so here is a representative sample, all taken from this article on what looks to be a popular Christian news site called The Blaze.

Let me get this straight, you atheists don’t want religion forced on you but its ok to ram your godless theology on everyone? Hypocrites? I think so.

Or if we read between the lines, “Why don’t you just continue to keep your mouths shut, so Christianity can continue to dominate your world?” No thanks. out-katie-cookiesAnd who but a Christian would consider a few billboards coercion  even remotely equivalent to teaching Sunday school to innocent children, a tax free church on every corner, thousands of religious radio and television programs, and a lock on elected officials. Hypocrite? Certainly one of us is.

“Vengeance is mine sayeth The Lord.” We will be held accountable for every idle word we speak or post on billboards. May God have mercy on this nation.

Ah the good old dogma that held progress in chains for so long during the middle ages. Say anything at all that opposes Christianity and burn in hell forever, I guess we should just be thankful that they can no longer burn us alive first. Can’t you feel the love?

Why is it these pigs only see it fit to attack Christians and Jesus based religions? They dont have billboards condemning Allah or Budda, their agenda is clear, they must be eliminated.

Of course atheists speak about all religions, but this is the US and Christianity is dominant here. There are also atheists all over the tri-chrisworld fighting for their rights as well, such as these atheists in Bangladesh, facing 14 years in prison for daring to insult Islam. And don’t fool yourself, Christianity would be doing the same if left to it’s own desires. I think these messages make that clear enough.

“Just in the abstract, it kind of bothers me when I see vehement, proselytizing atheists throwing around their devotion to science and reason, then stating with absolute certainty that they know there is no supreme being, when it’s impossible to reach that conclusion based on science or reason.”

And then there are the ones who don’t even understand what atheist means, because they believe lies told to them in church, which is the only place you will ever see this “absolute certainty” definition of atheist. The fact is that there are very few self identified atheists who would claim absolute certainty that god does not exist,  instead most simply claim that the evidence available, does not support the presumption that he does. A huge difference to say the least.

I happen to live in Sacramento……… and I plan on defacing as many of these signs as I happen to come across………….. So, locals be on the lookout for my “art”……..

And if you think this is isolated just search Google for defacing of atheist billboard and just look at the images. It is so common as to be almost guaranteed,  where Christian billboards, for the most part, go unmolested.

Well I guess that’s enough, but you can go and read them yourself at the link above. Everything from the Devil is coming to get us, to the end days must be right out-tiffanyaround the corner. Now imagine how disconnected from reality someone has to be to go this crazy over a few public billboards in a single US city. What they are really saying is how dare anyone have the right to say anything we don’t like, anywhere, anytime no matter how small, and if you do, you must be crushed. This is what religion is all about folks, and you can sugar coat it all you want, but there will always be that bitter core of irrational intolerance, anti-intellectualism,  authoritarianism, and hypocrisy that pretty much defines the US at the moment, and the only way to to get less of that, and more reason and understanding, is to stand up and declare yourself free from such nonsense, and this is really all these billboards are trying to enable people to do.


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What is an atheist?

Posted on 26. May, 2013 by .


Welcome to the new category of “Atheism FAQ”. Posted here will be responses to the nearly countless misconceptions people have about atheism, and what better place to start than the term itself.

Well, here’s how it breaks down.

1) All one has to do to be a theist is answer “yes” to the question “Do you believe in a supernatural god?”

2) If you answer anything other than yes to this question, then you are NOT a theist, or as all such people are called, an (A)theist. You are not part of the group of theists, and this is all the word atheist represents.

3) Agnostic is a term that many people seem to think represents a third category to the two we atheist agnosticalready mentioned, but this is incorrect. Saying “I don’t know” to the the question “Do you believe in a supernatural god?”, certainly doesn’t make you a theist, and as we’ve already seen, this is all that is required to make you an atheist. In fact the vast majority of people who describe themselves as atheists, don’t claim to know that god does not exist, they just don’t think the evidence available, supports the presumption that he does. Demanding that the word “agnostic” represent a third distinct category, is essentially the same thing as trying to redefine the word atheist, (and theist for that matter), to mean someone who is certain of their belief (or lack thereof), and although this is true about most theists, it is a complete misrepresentation of the vast majority of atheists.

Rather than a distinct category, “agnostic” is more like a sliding window on the binary category of theists and atheists, which represents those who will admit doubt in their position. Most atheists, are “agnostic atheists” and would not claim to have absolute certainty that god does not exist, because this would be almost as silly, as claiming absolute certainty that he does. On the other hand you will find very few “agnostic theists”, who will admit uncertainty as to their position, because of course, this would indicate a lack of faith, which is usually, and usefully, frowned on in most religions.

Well, that about sums it up. But if for some reason you want to read the old version of this post, read on. Maybe you will let me know which is better, and I will keep that one.

Either you believe in a supernatural god, thereby making you a theist, or you don’t, thereby making you an (a)theist , but there is no required level of conviction for either position. The vast majority of people who call themselves atheist would not say they are 100% sure that god does not exist, they simply believe the evidence available does not support the presumption that he does.

Most people who call themselves agnostics would not say that they believe there is a supernatural god, since doing so would make them a theist, and the simple refusal to proclaim this belief is enough to make them an atheist.

The terms gnostic and agnostic refer to knowledge, not belief, and can be used as qualifiers for atheist or theist, but not as replacements. For example an “agnostic atheist” would be someone who does not believe in a supernatural god, but either thinks that the actual knowledge of gods existence is unknowable, or claims not to be certain of his non-existence. This is the category that most self identified atheists fit into. On the other hand most theists are “gnostic theists” claiming absolute knowledge, not only of gods existence, but his thoughts and desires as well.

The fact is you will find very few “gnostic atheists”, those who claim to have absolute knowledge that god does not exist, because this would be as silly as claiming to have absolute knowledge that he does. Similarly, you will find very few “agnostic theists”, who will admit uncertainty as to their claims, because of course, this would indicate a lack of faith, which is usually, and usefully, frowned on in most religions.

I hope you find this information useful, and I’m not trying to tell you what to call yourself, but when you create a false dichotomy between atheism and agnosticism please understand you have become an ally  of the church in marginalizing all atheists as extreme and immovable in their disbelief, when nothing could be further from the truth.



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