Reasonable People are Least Trusted Minority Group in America.

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What does it mean to reason, and what does it mean to be a reasonable person?  These are questions now left to the fringe of American society. A society that has moved on from such quaint notions, into a space where anything is reasonable if you say it loud enough and long enough, and reason is nothing more than an annoying noise some people make in an attempt to spoil the party.

American politics is the most obvious  example of this, but the disease is much more widespread, and really goes to the heart of the American psyche itself. A recent study from the University of Minnesota might just hold the key to why this is the case.

In this study, respondents were asked to rate each minority group in a list which included homosexuals, Hispanics, conservative Christians, Muslims, atheists, recent immigrants, and Jews, on how much each group agreed with their own “vision of American society” (Almost completely, mostly, somewhat or not at all), and how they would feel if their child married a member of each group. (Approve, disapprove, or makes no difference).

The results were interesting to say the least. In the first question, a majority 39% of people,  said atheists did “not at all” agree with their vision of America, beating Muslims and homosexuals by 13 and 16 points respectively. But  the second question was even more striking, with a majority 47% of people, saying they would disapprove of their child marrying an atheist, much more than Muslims  with 33%, and African Americans, with 27%. And this poll was done after 911.

So why all the hate for atheists? Well of course most of it is due to the calculated doctrine of the Christian Church that says belief in Jesus is the most important aspect of  being a Christian, and that anything that might take you away from such a divine virtue must be evil, and must be avoided at all cost.  Atheists are often portrayed in the same breath as  the snake in genesis, or even Satan himself, trying to tempt unsuspecting sheep from the righteous path that leads to everlasting salvation. Just one of many doctrines in the church, designed to capture a mind and never let it go. “Don’t associate with those who don’t believe as you do”, is a very effective prescription to isolate people from any ideas that might cause them to question their beliefs.

Ok, so atheists are portrayed by the church as a threat to Christian belief, and of course we are, but what is it about atheists specifically that makes us even more dangerous than say, Muslims? After all Muslims could be said to be a threat to the Christian paradise just as atheists are. And here is where it gets interesting. Even Christianity recognizes Islam for what it is, which is nothing but another dogma, another faith, another holy book. Sure they are antagonistic, but when it comes right down to it, neither is much of a threat to the other. People who will believe one dogma, are as likely to believe another, and conversion between the two is likely to be a wash.

Atheists however, are a different breed entirely. Unlike Christians and Muslims we don’t have a holy book or any dogma  to sell. We don’t become atheists because it is the path of least resistance or to fit in socially. We don’t become atheists because we were promised an afterlife of candy canes and ice cream if we submit, or because we were threatened with fiery torture if we don’t. And we certainly don’t become atheists because life becomes too much to bear, and so we “let Jesus take the wheel”, and relieve ourselves of the onerous burden of taking personal responsibility for our actions, or thinking for ourselves.

No, a typical atheist usually has only one reason for becoming an atheist and it is a reason that may surprise you. That reason is love. A love of  humanity; a love of truth;  and above all, a love of reason, for reason has proven itself as the best way of finding truth and solving problems, and therefore the best way to ensure a better future for ourselves and our planet. In short atheists dismiss religion for exactly the same reason, anyone who could be called reasonable, would dismiss any  extraordinary claim presented to them without evidence.

Yet who do we elect to public office, and who do we despise with irrational vigor? How can we wonder why we have no leaders who care about truth and honesty, when these values are so clearly on the bottom of our own list of virtues? Reason is the only thing that has ever shown itself capable of improving the human condition, and as long as we continue to reject it in favor of myth and superstition, and those who will tell us anything we want to hear, we have no right to expect a better future. Wake up or continue the slide into the muddy pool of confusion and contradiction that is blind faith. There are only two options.


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