Pro Life Perplexity

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The hypocrisy of the “Pro Life” movement starts in the name, and doesn’t stop until it is dancing naked and playing  Jingle Bells on an air horn at the mall. In other words…. it becomes very hard to ignore.

So let’s begin with the name.

Pro Life? Does this mean everyone else is anti-life, pro death or simply ambivalent? The self righteous and disingenuous nature of the name, gives us an immediate sense that we might not be dealing with reasonable, rational people. No one is anti life simply because they are capable of making a distinction between a completely insensate group of cells, and a fully conscious and self aware woman with a lifetime of experiences. But on the contrary, to not be able to see this difference, is a failure of compassion on a scale that is difficult to comprehend. How can we understand this failure?

Only the idea of magical thinking can bridge this gap. It’s not so much that they believe the embryo is physically equivalent to a person, only metaphysically. They believe something magical, invisible and completely undetectable happens at the moment a sperm enters an egg. they will tell you an immortal  soul is created and even though they will not be able to explain to you why they believe this,  They will nonetheless be anxious to force you to believe it too, or at least submit to their authority on the issue. Such is faith, blind as ever.

Now, normally we could link this kind of stridency with something in the Bible, but not here. Even their own holy book leaves them hanging on this one.  No where in the Bible does it say, or even imply, that life begins at conception, and rather says that it begins at first breath, which is in fact what most Jew believe. Gen 2:7 “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

Nor does the Bible condemn abortion. In Exodus 21:22-25 it says the penalty for injury to a woman that causes her to miscarriage shall incur nothing more than a fine, but if the woman herself is seriously injured or dies,  then the punishment should be “life for life”. It seems God himself was not too concerned about unborn children.

So where does their stridency come from? Well I would argue it is a simply the age old desire of the church for raw material. Just look at the Catholic Church, even to this day and even in the face of AIDS, overpopulation and famine, it still has the temerity to condemn contraception? Couldn’t we hold off on making sure every possible new child was conceived, to save millions of already existing lives? Well we certainly could, if life was indeed  the goal, but it’s not, it’s simply to make sure the church has fresh new soldiers for God, and all the better if they can pretend that its in the name of compassion.

It’s not even that this is a conscious deception of the church,  but more simply a beneficial  meme, that could not help but be successful. in fact it’s hard to imagine a more beneficial  meme for a religion, than one which forces members to have as many children as possible, almost as good as the biological genes, which make procreation such a sought after past time.

But there is even more evidence that life is not their ultimate agenda, and it is easy to reveal. Just ask a fervent pro lifer what they think the punishment should be for a woman who has an abortion, and the doctor who performs it. In fact this is the critical element of the issue, and it just happens to be the source of the greatest amount of disagreement in the movement. This shouldn’t be a surprise,  considering they have no good answer to chose from that will not clearly expose the hypocrisy at the heart of their position.

They can either say that it should be considered a lesser crime than premeditated murder, in which case they are admitting that a a fetus is not equivalent to a child, and their hypocrisy is revealed,  or they can say that the punishment should equal that for premeditated murder, even if that punishment might be execution,  in which case it is not their hypocrisy that is revealed, but their insanity, and unfortunately for them, this is the only position that is logically consistent with their other claims, and if pushed to the wall, many will admit it as their own.

Now just ponder for a moment the full implications of  a person who could end the lives of  a woman and her doctor and ruin the lives of both of their families, all over a few cells no bigger than the head of a pin, and all in the name of being “Pro Life”. Not too surprising I guess considering these kind of  failures of compassion, and disconnects from reality are the hallmarks of blind faith, and have been for centuries.

I say it’s time to stop taking the opinions of such people seriously.


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  1. E

    09. May, 2013

    You just keep on killing ’em Mark 😉

    How ironic that I was reading a debate on this not too long ago and you just happen to blog about it. Please, please, keep up with the new blog posts!

    Now on to this issue… I support abortion because first of all, I don’t view a fetus as a human being and up to a point I think the rights of the woman outweigh the rights of the fetus. Second I think legal abortion is essential because without it there will be more children born into homes that are not ready to care for them, and/or the adoption system will be further inundated. So I guess my central reason is that I support abortion because it’s the only practical option. But I do weigh heavily on the side of the woman’s right to choose. A fetus is not sentient. The fetus is a potential human, but it isn’t quite there yet, and isn’t developed enough to be considered to be of the same value as a fully grown person. The mother is more important at this point. Women have the superseding right in that case. Pro Lifers are so worried about the “murder” of a fetus then ban birth control too since it also prevents the development of fetal organisms.

    Really, unless you’re a vegetarian and completely pacifistic, there’s no way you can stand for banning abortion without being a total hypocrite. That would really be a double standard. pro-life means you support all life, in all cases, doesn’t it? I don’t think you can say it’s wrong in one case and right in another and not be a hypocrite.

    And, of course, I am afraid that women will start harming themselves and consult back-alley abortionists like they did before abortion was legalised — with all the devastating consequences that are attached to it so: keep abortion safe

    But forcing women to keep children they don’t want or are unable to care for which were the results of unfortunate circumstances (e.g getting pregnant whilst on the pill, being raped) leaves us with all of these neglected and unwanted children, all for the sake of ‘morality’. This is worse than aborting the fetus nice and early, I think.

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