Congressman: Global Warming Nothing to Worry About. God Said so.

Posted on 18. Nov, 2013 by in Religion

In case there is anyone who still thinks blind faith is just an innocuous little foible, here is Rep. John Shimkus, another republican proclaiming that he knows global warming is nothing to worry about because the Bible tells him so, and he is just one of many of our elected officials that believe such things. To  add insult to injury, he is currently seeking to head the house Energy Committee.  It would be funny if it were not so tragic. And don’t miss the line from the Bible: “even though, every inclination of his heart is evil since childhood”, speaking of all of human kind. What must beliefs like this do to a person.

And here’s a member of the  house science committee explaining why evolution, the big bang, and embryology!? are all lies from the pit of hell. Priceless.


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