The Regressive Left and Its Twisted Little Love Affair With Islam

Posted on 18. Nov, 2013 by in Religion

As a self identified liberal myself, it is hard to watch the hypocrisy and delusion of so many on the left when it comes to Islam. They have no problem trashing Christianity for its intolerance, its authoritarianism, the credulity of Its adherents, and  its negative effects on progress and culture, but let someone point out any of these things about Islam, and all of a sudden the name calling comes fast and furious; Racist! Bigot! Islamophobe! It’s really pretty extraordinary to watch, but liberals are not immune to self delusion, even if they don’t celebrate it as virtue as so many on the right seem to do these days.

left and islamSo where does this peculiar delusion come from? Here are three possibilities.

1.  Many on the left, especially in Europe, have been steeped in the blind faith of multiculturalism ever since World War II, and fear being seen as intolerant more than almost anything else.

This doctrine, designed to eliminate the kind of intolerance that led to the holocaust, states that no one has any right to criticize another culture, regardless of how much it conflicts with their own. Done to make sure another Hitler did not rise up, no one seems to have seen the irony, that it was exactly this attitude of appeasement (tolerance), that was applied to Hitler’s Germany, that allowed it to grow as dangerous as it did. The real lesson of Nazi Germany should have been that applying a live and let live philosophy to any power that despises, and would like to destroy such philosophies, is the surest way to make sure they get their way. Islam is one such entity, and Europe is currently beginning to understand this sad fact. Islam cares nothing for multiculturalism, or western values, and instead demands that the infidels bend to its superior moral authority, and sadly Europe doesn’t even blink, and seems all too happy to comply, terrified more of being called an intolerant bigot, than of losing all the hard won intellectual progress of western civilization.  Amazing.

2. Another reason far left liberals tend to support Islam is that so many have a deep anger and shame of western imperialism, and they see it still at work in the middle east today, (especially in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict), and it is deeply satisfying in such minds, to blame all of the problems in the Muslim world on the west, and not dilute such pure, righteous rage, by admitting that Islam might have at least something to do with its own failures.  The fact that Christianity has held back the west, especially before the enlightenment — which is where Islam is now — does not seem to be a hard concept for them, but to think that this might be the case for Islam as well, doesn’t seem to ignite even a single neuron.

3. And finally, the Christian right trashes Islam every day, and the far left simply can’t bring itself to agree with them on anything, even when they happen to be right for a change (albeit for all the wrong reasons). Christians simply see Islam as a competing religion, and don’t comprehend that Christianity is much the same at it’s core, and there is no doubt that some of their criticism therefore might fall under the “bigot” label, and if the left constrained such accusations only for these instances, it would be one thing, but they have conflated all criticism of Islam under the same banner, and in doing so have turned their backs on free speech, and liberalism itself.

So let’s get this straight. Islam is not a race, it is an ideology, and in fact it’s an ideology that wears it’s intentions right in it’s name. Islam =  submission, and this is what it demands from the minds of it’s adherents. This should be enough for any self respecting liberal to denounce it at every opportunity, but it doesn’t stop there. It is probably the most authoritarian, homophobic, misogynistic, utterly dogmatic, anti-intellectual and illiberal institution left on the planet, and the fact that some liberals will none the less defend it so vigorously, is a testament to just how out of touch it is possible to be. (Short of believing 72 virgins await you in heaven, that is)


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